You've built a great group of prospects over the years. Now how do you ensure they call YOU when they have a need?

By reducing friction between your contact and your service offering, Prospects are more likely to turn to you first in time of need. Business cards, handouts and email marketing are all good things, but they're "noise" -- not a solution to the Prospect's problem. TradeMuster is a fully customizable app that allows your Prospect to initiate work orders, estimates, tickets, etc. -- when they have a need.


You may have used traditional marketing tactics of cold-calling, networking, mailers, etc. to built your prospective client list.  But this type of marketing is a game similar to “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”. You’re aiming blind with a very low possibility of success. And what if your prospect doesn’t currently have a need for the service you offer? Will they remember you months or years down the road when they do have a need?

TradeMuster is the new way to market. Here’s how it works: you make a contact who is a good, prospective client. Instead of just giving them something with your company’s logo on it, give them a tool that empowers them to solve problems. TradeMuster allows them to:

Contact you directly through the app


→ Generate Work Orders, Service Calls, Tickets — whatever it is you do (in less than 60 seconds)


→ Navigate to your store or office


→ & much more


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